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Kate is the top-billed voice for Na Nai’a : Legend of the Dolphins. She is cast to be the voice of the Bottlenose Dolphins of Mozambique, who come to these enticing waters off the coast of Africa to make love under the sea. Featuring the song, “Let’s Get it On” by Marvin Gaye.SHORT SYNOPSIS NA NAI’A Legend of The Dolphins is an amazing, awe-inspiring, all-ages, true-life documentary unfolding a story of legendary proportions. Experience an adventure like no other on the planet — a spectacular journey under the sea capturing the incredible beauty and staggering you-are-there drama of the dolphins…discover their power, their message to humanity, and the importance of their survival in this larger than life adventure through the oceans of the eight corners of the Earth.

A film by Jonathon Kay.


For fifty million years they’ve been roaming the oceans of the Earth.

The dolphins of the world unite in this fantastic story of their power, their message to humanity, and their survival.

They lived on land and then took over the sea, forming the Great Dolphin Tribe. One day, the sea trembled and middle earth rose up in volcanoes, spilling lava and splitting the land. There was fire in the water, the continents shifted and the tribe became divided. They evolved to become many species and traveled to eight corners of the world.

Touched with humor and alive with thrills, breathtaking cinematography captures the incredible beauty and staggering you are there dramatic journey of the dolphins, through the oceans of Hawaii, The Bahamas, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Mozambique, and the Amazon River of Brazil. Predators hunt them, Pollution of their environment endangers them, but these intelligent beings continue to live effortlessly as the guardians of the sea.


For the very first time in cinema, after five years in the making, Director and Producer JONATHON KAY brings to the screen this enchanting film about nature’s most wonderful miracles.





How did you get the wonderful cast of 11 stars, including Oscar winning Kate Winslet, to narrate the film?
NA NAI’A Legend of The Dolphins is an unusual film in that it was entirely filmed from the point of view of the dolphins. I spent much time, care and thought looking for the appropriate star narrators to best convey the characters and incredible spirits of the individual dolphin tribes featured in this legend. In selecting the stars to tell the story, I conducted extensive research and searched for actors that had previous encounters with dolphins and the protection of the environment of the oceans. I especially wanted actors that could tune in to the spirit of the dolphins… the magnificent beauty and intellects of the dolphins, and their messages to humanity… to record their story evoking the passion, the magic, and the charm of the dolphins of the world that unite in this film.

Kate Winslet loves the dolphins and wanted to support the conservation of the dolphins of our world. She was especially interested in the awesome healing benefits to autistic children when encountering wild dolphins. I flew to New York, where we recorded her at Outloud Recording Studios in Manhattan. Her voice is exceptionally beautiful and charming as the voice of the dolphins that come to Mozambique to make love under the sea.

The first actor who I asked to participate as a storyteller in this documentary was Whoopi Goldberg. I met her in 1988 at a dinner party hosted by Steven Spielberg and Michael Jackson in Beverly Hills, and I talked to her about the project that I had been working on at the time, Walking After Midnight. At the dinner, I had a good connection with her. Years later, I asked her to participate on NA NAI’A Legend of The Dolphins and Whoopi immediately agreed. She was amazing and it was wonderful to have her on board.

Another wonderful creative force is Julian Lennon who has a keen interest in dolphins and whales, and their conservation. He participated on the making of a film in Australia about whales and the stories of the aboriginal dreamtime, Whaledreamers. Julian’s father John Lennon also has a creative presence in the film – his beautiful song IMAGINE plays an important part. Yoko Ono generously contributed the use of this song for our project.

When I was recording with Julian Lennon in New York, I wrote to Megan Fox and requested her participation. She said she would love to participate but that she was currently acting in a feature film in Santa Fe, New Mexico. We were on tight time restrictions and Megan was still going to be on filming on location for weeks. I asked that we record her that weekend. Her manager was very understanding but said there was no guarantee that Megan could do it that weekend, since she was working 16 hour days on the movie set of Passion Play. I had a really good feeling that Megan would participate on our movie. I took a chance and flew from New York to Santa Fe so that I would be there in the event she could participate. I arrived and sure enough Megan’s manager called me up on Saturday and said, YES, she’s available now and would love to come into the studio with me on Sunday afternoon to record the part of the Hawaiian Spinner Dolphins for our movie. It worked out perfectly. Megan’s voice is amazing.

I selected actor Diego Luna to tell the story of the Boto of the Amazon due to his wonderful mysterious voice and awesome screen presence. I asked Diego if I could record him when he and I were in Los Angeles but he was tied up at that time. He asked me to come down to record him at a studio in Mexico City, which I did. That was the farthest I had to travel to record a storyteller for this film. Diego saw the entire film and tuned in to the spirits and lives of the mysterious pink dolphins of the Amazon. He wanted this part of the film to be exceptional and it is.

For the Orcas, I wanted a strong and powerful female voice, as the women are the leaders of their tribe. I have seen the television series produced and starred in by Isabella Rossellini called Bug Porn, and I love Isabella’s fabulous energy and wonderful creativity. I especially liked her performance in Blue Velvet. I wrote to Isabella and was invited to New York City to record her at the same studio in which we recorded Kate Winslet, Julian Lennon and Whoopi Goldberg.

Gerard Butler was the last actor to participate in the story telling of NA NAI’A Legend of The Dolphins. I had always envisioned a Scottish actor to tell the actual legends of the dolphins, how they started off 50 million years ago and how they evolved. In searching the world for the finest Scottish voice, I listened to Gerard Butler’s voice and was immediately mesmerized. I was determined to have Gerard Butler be the storyteller of the legend of the dolphins. I asked him to participate and within days I got a positive “Yes! I would love to do this.” He told me about his wonderful encounters with dolphins in California on Catalina Island, which inspired him to participate on this film. The dolphins enchanted him and really touched his soul, so he really wanted to participate on this project. His voice is brilliant.



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